2 Women Whitetail Deer Hunting  
         We Hunt For Real

Welcome to Whitetail Country!!!!

This web site is information for women hunting and hoping we can get more women into hunting. Everyone is welcome to join in and have some fun reading and laughing at our stories. With food prices, the way they are, hunting is cheap. Every woman should be hunting. Leave the boys at home. No just kidding. Venison is great. Why should all the guys have all the fun? We can have deer camp too! We hunt just as well.So join us women hunters!!!!

We will give hunting tips, recipes and show you our Hunting Bus Conversion. Yep we are turning a bus into our hunting RV.

I have been hunting quite a number of years; there is nothing else I would rather do in the fall. Have not met many women hunters. I hope that that will change.Last year I took up Bow hunting....well now I am hooked. I think bow hunting is a whole different kind of hunting. When else can you sit in your stand in shorts? Grab a tan?

I live in Minnesota and have hunted all over the state. I love hunting here!!!

Do you ever get up in the morning and say to yourself....125 days till opening hunting? On the other hand, do you go stare at your gun and say soon....very soon. It will be time to hunt?

I do not think the men should be the only ones hunting. I think we need more women hunters!!! Therefore, as we travel around Minnesota, we are going to promote Women hunting, and maybe have them bring their sons or daughters.

We are going to share some of our ideas, stories, tips, recipes and some of our tricks.

A little about us....My friend and I got together about 10 years ago. She had asked me if I would be interested in going deer hunting, I was not sure if I could shoot a deer but I said sure anyways. I borrowed her .270 and away we went. I shot my first deer with no problem and I was hooked. I only wish I began hunting sooner. She has hunted longer than I. Has taken more deer than I. She has a nice 12 pointer sitting in "The Cabin". Along with a bearskin hanging on the wall. Soon I will have one there too! Now this year will be a different story. We are already planning and saving for this hunting season. The winter is keeping us busy and away from working on the Hunting Bus. 20 below just is too cold to be outside.

I also hope to have a few more stories from some women we have met this year who also love to hunt.

Please keep checking back for more interesting hunting stuff.

My First hunting experience:

We went out about a month before opening rifle season and scoped out a couple of nice spots for building our stands. We were in the woods pretty much the whole day.

Well the day was here...up at 4am making breakfast and getting ready. It was not cold that year; I think it was still 40 degrees or so. A very hot month for November. Therefore, we got our stuff together and headed out to our site.

I get dropped off and head to the sight we had picked out. I could not find the same spot we picked out, so we decided to put me in the little valley with trees in front of me. Well as the sun was coming up, I noticed I was smack dab in the middle of a well-traveled path. Oops...did not want to be there. Therefore, I got my gear and moved atop the hill. I got settled in and sat down looked around for a while and did not see anything. About 15 or 20 minutes later, I heard sounds of trees and bushes being walked on or over. I sat quietly hoping it was the 20-point buck. Therefore, I watched out of the front of my blind...........WOW there it was a BEAR! I do not like bears unless I am eating it. I sat so still and quite...saying to me “don’t smell me, don't see me." Well he went his merry way without knowing I was there, I made my merry way to the truck. We still laugh about it to this day!!!

Hunting has changed my life for the better, and I want to share this experience with other women hunters.

It is Oct. 2009 and rifle season is right around the corner, are you ready?

So another year of deer hunting gone by. Were you able to fill your tags this year? We were able to get two does this year. I had gotten laid off this last year, along with a few of our buddies in our hunting party. Therefore, we did not have the chance to travel in our Hunting Bus. We all had to stay close to home. It was fun though. Leigh got to travel through the swamps. I stayed on the high ground. We helped everyone out with the cutting up of the meat, and the boys will make sausage.  We had a good year, no complaining here.

I also hope to have a few more stories from some women we have met this year who also love to hunt.

Please keep checking back for more interesting hunting stuff.

It has been a few years since I have written for this site.  I have been busy going to collage for Web Design.  I did not get a chance to go hunting last year with school and life passing me by. This year I hope to go hunting at least for one weekend.  I am updating the site and will be adding more pictures, and I am going to add a page for you to add your favorite venison recipes.